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The DIYson

My attempt to replicate one of my favorite objects: the Dyson Lightcycle lamp.

The DIYson

The DIYson is my attempt to understand and recreate the Dyson Lightcycle task light. Beyond just creating a replica, the goal of this project is to better understand a revered object, and to use parts and processes that are available to as many makers as possible.

Recent entries into the series include an attempt to stealthily run a cable from the base of the lamp all the way to the LED module:

Designing a custom PCB which acts as a compact foundation for the essential electronics:

And forking the project into two separate tracks: one that is straightforward and approachable, and one that pushes the limits of my technical skills:

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Need something made? I'm available for comissions for replicas, prototype fabrication, and digital design. Feel free to contact me here.

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