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The Chaat Company

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Chaat is a savory Indian snack that’s been served by food carts and roadside vendors to hungry patrons for generations. The Chaat Company changed the game by launching the first ever grab and go yogurt snack that captures the taste and attitude of Indian street food.

With their online presence, The Chaat Company needed to both teach users about their product and showcase the rich, vibrant roots of their inspiration. The result is a bright and colorful design with evocative imagery and playful movement that mimics the lively bustling of the streets of India.

The site is built on Wordpress and uses a custom theme I built just for Chaat. Wordpress not only provides a reliable and secure backend, but allows The Chaat Company to easily update and enhance their content indefinitely.

Design by Rodrigo Miguel ↗


  • Front-end Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • Design Collaboration


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